Co-branding adidas – McDonald’s.
adidas and McDonald’s have announced the launch of a sports shoe line inspired by the famous
hamburger chain with a very striking design. The Pro 2G model arises from the association of both
brands for the All American Basketball Games, sponsored by McDonald’s. No release date has been
confirmed as of yet, but it is expected to be in the next few months.
The sneakers feature McDonald’s bold yellow and red colors, plus the famous golden arches and the
tagline “I’m lovin’ it! On Adidas’ side, it couldn’t miss the famous 3 side lines and its logo, which appears
on the back and on the sole.
This is not adidas' first collaboration with other brands: a LEGO clothing line was announced in
September 2020 and a pair of LEGO shoes is scheduled to launch this March, inspired by the bright
colors of the famous LEGO bricks.
Does co-branding extend the life of these hyper-known brands? Do they provide them with renewed
Do they serve to create a new kind of consumer awareness or, on the contrary, do they generate
The reality is that in co-branding there are no rules, so anything goes…