According to a study carried out by #XPAY on German consumers, 51% admit that purpose guides their purchasing decisions, but they need more:

  • 68% of consumers would like brands to take real action and go beyond talk when it comes to purpose.
  • 44% of consumers want to assume some responsibility in their purchase decisions (practicing, for example, sustainable consumption for the benefit of the planet).
  • Purpose requires action, consumers today want brands to go beyond nice slogans.
  • 20% of consumers prefer internationally known brands, but half favor brands that are produced locally, in their own region.

These results imply important changes in the way brands approach their consumers, and more specifically, when focusing on young consumers between ages 18-35. For example, global brands should rely more on local produce in order to tackle regional production, despite the immense logistical problems this would imply. Another important topic is sustainability and it shouldn’t just be a banner, it should drive actions and results. Consumers are aware of these efforts.

The important take away is that purpose shouldn’t just be beautifully written statements, which sound and look good in front of an audience. It should be a call to action: actions addressing issues that are critical to consumers and can guide their purchasing decision.

When brands actively live out their purpose through initiatives and strategies, they show authenticity and build trust with customers who share their values. Essentially, it’s about walking the talk and making a real difference in the world.