How many times have I heard clients say that they have a nephew/cousin/friend, who took a graphic design course and he will ask him to design the logo for his brand… Whoever thinks this way, obviously has not yet understood the value of Strategy + Design, in Branding:


  • The work of a Branding Strategist is to achieve, after a long and exhaustive analysis, the differentiating attributes that will build the brand’s positioning – its personality.


  • The Branding Designer’s job is to translate those attributes (design guidelines or imperatives) into types, shapes, color palettes, compositions that will fully respond to those mandates.


If a brand attribute is, for example: Flexible, the typeface shouldn’t be heavy. A new color palette can entice new audiences to a brand. Each design element in Branding responds to attributes. Hence, the Strategy + Design pair is so powerful.


A logo is a brand’s face. Don’t delegate something so important to a family member or a friend. Entrust it to experts in brand building, who guarantee your brand’s success from the start.


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